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Law & Grace was incorporated in New Orleans, Louisiana in 1998, by founder and president, Barbara Ann Coleman Jackson .  Ann Coleman (as she is sometimes known by her pen name) selected Law & Grace  based on her paralegal and seminary degrees.  Ann is also a licensed minister.  Since 1998, (in New Orleans) Law & Grace, Inc., has 501(c)(3) Internal Revenue status.  However, since displacement due to Hurricane Katrina, its operations have been challenging.  (Law & Grace has never requested public funding, and inadvertently overlooked the form 990 filing period.  Consequently, its status has been revoked.  Until Law & Grace relocates from Shreveport, there's no need to reinstates its nonprofit status.)

Law & Grace is a social justice ministry corporation. Targeted at social issues, problems, and justice,  L & G began publishing and distributing bi-monthly newsletters in 1998. A quote from 1999 newsletter: “The gap is widening between the haves and the have nots. Consequently, loneliness, poverty, selfishness, apathy, substance abuse, anger, and impatience are rampant. All too often, hurting and dangerously despairing people make their pain public, by their acts of violence.”   On this website, a posting entitled "Casualties From New Orleans Ineptness and Corruption Are Coming To A City Near You" depicts what New Orleans situations were, and what cities to which evacuees became relocated were forced to coped with.

Ann’s motivation for social justice derives primarily from the Bible (Ezek. 22:29, Prov.14:31, Amos 5:12, Luke 4:18, Luke 11:46), the late Dr. Marshall Truehill, Jr, and Congresswoman and activist, Barbara C. Jordan. Although Ann’s preference is religious and inspirational writing, after the hurricane, she has been writing intensely on social justice subject matters –including corruption in politics as well as in religion.

Several factors continue to interrupt the vision and operation of Law & Grace, in particular, Hurricane Katrina. Although the years have gone, the effects of Katrina still impact thousands of people’s lives —-those who were victims, as well as those who labor to assist victims.

For several  years –some of which is described on this site, since evacuee displacement, Law & Grace has encountered unforeseeable Euroclydon- type experiences that far surpass Hurricane Katrina!  Those experiences, and more will be contained in an upcoming book entitled, "More Than A Conqueror."    Barbara Ann Coleman Jackson is also a certified paralegal, with advanced skills in Consumer and  in Bankruptcy law.  *note: Euroclydon is found in Acts 27:14  **Although Barbara is sluggish about proofreading, and hasn't checked this content in years, she admits to being EMBARRASSED about how poorly written this page is!!!  Also, some links temporarily have been disabled because something else is more important to call attention to.

Mail all correspondences to
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OR, e-mail: justice@lawgrace.org

Particularly after Hurricane Katrina caused thousands of people to be displaced, it was urgent and necessary for Law & Grace to rise to occasion of ministering to hurting people, while at the same time enduring a tremendous amount of personal sorrow and loss.   Ironically, for too many people, it is as if  Hurricanes Katrina and Rita happened yesterday; and often, it is not because people are slothful, but because political corruption and greed is in the mix!  People from all parts of the US have contacted Law & Grace (mostly via email) regarding their properties, their legal cases for which there were no answers and files were missing and justice impossible.   Law & Grace blogging, Internet articles, and various offers of information such as those below has helped people who were displaced as well as people who weren't.  At other times, Law & Grace (Barbara) had little choice other than to minister to people with Scriptures, prayers, telephone calls, and emails –all during her own trauma which has never stopped, and as depicted on this site, in some instances, unfortunately has worsened.  Accordingly, this appeal is being made for help.   For review of information concerning Law & Grace (Barbara Ann Jackson) social efforts toward effecting injustices, poverty, violence, and unmerited hostility, *Please see the following articles:

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